SMS Paging in OpsMgr 2007

I have a client who is migrating from WhatsUp Gold to OpsMgr 2007.  With whatsup gold, they have a hayes compatible modem connected to the monitoring server which uses TAP protocol to dial into AT&T and then send SMS messages to the IT staff when a system goes down.
They wanted similar funtionality in Operations Manager 2007, and here are the two notification options i saw:
  1. SMS Paging using a GSM phone, or a dedicated GSM modem
  2. Tap paging using a custom script with their Hayes modem

We decided on using SMS paging with a dedicated GSM modem, since it provided out of the box funtionality and the modem was relatively inexpensive. Here is the modem we are going to use:


I also set up a test using an AT&T Motorola Q to use as a demo of how the messages would look.  I coudlnt find very much documentation on using SMS paging, so it took a while to figure out. 


SMS Paging in OpsMgr 2007 will work with any GSM device that appears as a modem on COM1 in device manager.  The difficult part is finding drivers that will allow the OS to see your device as a modem.  ActiveSync DOES NOT allow the device to be seen as a modem, you usually will need drivers from the device manufacturer.


Configuring a Moto Q 9H (AT&T) for SMS Paging Notifications in OpsMgr

1.       Download Motorola USB Modem (32 or 64 bit) drivers here

2.       Unzip and install the driver installation package on the RMS

3.       Configure the device to act as a USB Modem:

a.       On the device, go to Start>System Tools>Settings>More>Connections>USB Device Type

b.      Change type to “Modem”

4.       Attach device to RMS

5.       Configure SMS Notifications and Subscriptions in OpsMgr



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