Blog Comment Spam

I am getting a TON of comment spam from people with World of Warcraft gold and people selling old LCD’s.  I get notified of new comments on the windows live spaces home page, but there isnt a link to delete the comments from there (come on MS, catch up to MySpace…  kidding, kidding).
There is a link on the MOBILE version of live spaces that will allows you to delete each comment.  You can only do one commment at a time, and you have to verify that you want to delete each one, but it’s less clicks than using the full interface.
1.  Browse to
2.  Click Delete this Comment under the comment you want to delete.
3.  Verify the deletion
4.  Done!
I am eagerly awaiting the following features in Live Spaces:
1.  The ability to delete comments in bulk and from a central place
2.  Comment Verification using Captcha verification, to avoid BOT comments
3.  Limiting the number of comments per time period
4.  Email and or Live Messenger alerts when new comments are added
5.  The ability to approve comments before they are added to your space
6.  The ability to reply to each comment without having to add a new comment.

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