Avoiding Spam on Internet Email Sent to a Blackberry

I had email forwarding to my Blackberry from three sources:  My corporate email using a BES, and two online accounts hosted at yahoo and mail.com. 

I was getting an excess of 50 v!4gra and pr0mn spam messages on my blackberry per day, and it was getting really annoying.

I mean, in a perfect world, all email servers would be Exchange, and all would be protected by Forefront for Exchange, and all mobile devices would be windows mobile 6.1… But, at times, we must exist in conditions other than ideal 🙂

In a previous position, I worked with Postini, which was acquired by Google about 2 years ago.  I remember that it was a really accurate scanning engine, and that it cut out most of my spam, and had very few false positives.

With that in mind, I signed up for a new Gmail account, forwarded my other two internet email addresses to Gmail, then enrolled the Gmail account on my blackberry.  I deleted email forwarding for the two original accounts.

It has been one week now, and i have only gotten 2 spam messages sent to my blackberry.  So thanks Google!

Maybe someday we can convince Google to use Exchange, but now I’m only dreaming….


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